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Let me star by saying that we like to keep our work clean and neat, we don't like sloppy work. We will work with you every step of the way and answer any and all questions you may have. You have a budget, no problem we will work with you on that as well, we can work out any payment issues at your convenience.

We will always be just a phone call away so don' forget to ask for a card if we haven't given you one already. 


Boulders St. Julien  Hotel and Spa -- Sarac Jasmin (720)-412-0212

Tree+House Architecture -- Stephen Hunter (303)-908-8013

Larry Home owner -- (303)-641-3596

Austin and Joan –Home --303-499-8591Cell -- 303-898-8034

William Baker Contractor --720-276-5113

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What we do best

-Complete Drywall and plastering services



-Repair work



-Water damage 


-Texture (Match any Texture and do any Texture)



-And So Much More


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